Erik Arnell

Erik Arnell, Global marketing strategist @ Klarna
Having failed to score in an ice-hockey match against the national team of South Africa. Erik learned the art of embellishment from a young age, making for a seamless transition into advertising. Spending the first half of the decade at DentsuAegis in London, becoming a true fast food connoisseur and commute monster. Erik is now leading global marketing and brand strategy at Klarna. He is also trying to undo years of Guinness with mountain biking. A skill he will undoubtedly embellish if asked.

Payments and popculture
The dominant commercial and engineering way of thinking has spawned marketing departments obsessed with reasonable marketing. Basically thinking that people care about what we have to say and that they are rational decision makers. If we instead start to practice what we have learned from current marketing science and behavioural economics. Then there is no reason why brands in the financial industry couldn’t be more creative and successful than most lifestyle brands.